Friday, November 2, 2012

Girly Anxiety

"Mom I need anxiety pills."

Good thing I like my life random because that so came out of left field last night.

After our Halloween adventures we were having a little chat catching up and preparing for bed time.

Our collective Thursday was about to be a little busy.

The last week or so has kind of been a blur.

She has been trying to get her first job. Back and forth we went to the site and to get paper work together etc.

Her new boss was supposed to call on Friday or Monday.

He did not and she was going to call him on Tuesday.

She did not. Her boyfriend talked her out of it. Usually he is impressive but this time his advice might not have been helpful. 

Wednesday she popped into my room late in the afternoon almost evening with me out the door at 5pm and no time to spare.



What??? We still did not have the shoes that she needed. We spent a day going to like half a dozen stores and only at the end of all of that did she say she would wear some that she had tried on at Payless which was store #2…

Not only did I not have time to take her shopping that evening but I had a final at 9am Thursday morning. The forecast was also iffy for rain which would have just made the whole thing more miserable.

She went to trick or treat. I went to take my final and off to Boorittos & Gifts.
During our chat after it all I told my daughter we could get up early and I could just be late to my final while I helped her shop.

I arrived at school around 10am and took the final closer to 11 after reviewing the notes. I think I passed.

A few hours of work and my daughter had school.

Both of us skipped things we had planned or were scheduled to do earlier this week. I was supposed to attend a local MeetUp of Twitter folks. She was not feeling well for class on Tuesday.

I picked her up from work and took her to school. I came home to do a load of laundry including her new uniform which she had changed out of.

She headed out after that for a little R&R. I had one last final for the quarter.

For the weekend she went crabbing with her boyfriend and his uncle then to the water in another place and sleep over with the Besty.

I was not home I spent Friday & Saturday with friends at a conference. Wednesday nights and Thursdays early then late was when I was in school so those previous days were filled.

It was all of this and other random thoughts that had my daughter all anxious. I told her these things are normal even if they are a bit jumbled together or thrown at us last minute.

I tried to tell her having a lot on one’s plate is not the reason people take anxiety pills. 


  1. Yeah, my son told me he needs pills for depression. All his friends are depressed and on pills, so surely pills would solve all his problems. Unfortunately, the reason for his "depression" is that he has no job and therefore no money for fun. There's no chemical imbalance linked to his mood. (I had him tested for all kinds of things when he lived with me, and we spent several years seeing counselors.) I explained that his problems will be solved when he gets his diploma and a job and is able to be responsible for his own needs and entertainment.

    1. I wonder if it is harder for guys. My daughters boyfriend and friend were out hunting and got no where.

      She got the first job she applied for I think it was.

      Our kids can be so melodramatic. Can you son do odd jobs for neighbors or something? It can't hurt to start small or even start volunteering.

  2. He said everyone he has asked says they do their own yards. Many of our neighbors are hispanic. My son has several strikes against him for foolish choices made before and after he became an adult, while my daughter graduated, has a clean record, and can drive herself to work.

    Oh, and he got a job lead and referral at church on Sunday, but instead of calling about the job Monday morning, he left home Sunday night and didn't return for 24 hours. So that tells me that he's not looking as hard as he claims he is.

    1. Wow sorry to hear that. If only we could keep them safe from themselves. sigh Hope he pulls it together quickly and gets back on track. He might need the down time or a new muse. It's hard having no one else to turn to. Are there men who can mentor him in love?

  3. Gosh, these little ones are catapaulted into the adult world so fast, aren't they?
    Your daughter is streets ahead of the pack, having a mama who hears her and sees her and is prepared to be late to a final just so she can have the right shoes for her first job.

    1. Thank you. I tell her it is saving her money on future therapy to have an engaged sensible mom at her side through the storms we have endured. She barely appreciates me now but life is long and she is still young. Things have happened fast but I am excited for the future!