Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Our Birth Story

My best friend had been pregnant all year with me. Her due date had come two weeks prior. All year she had made fun of my desire to just be as fully medicated as possible as quickly as possible when labor pains hit.

"Women have been giving birth since the dawning of time." She would sneer at me.

I would snap back "Millions of them cannot be all wrong. They say it HURTS."

I called her when she was in labor but she was never able to talk...

I think I knew all about what had happened with her by the time it was my term not so long after.
When I arrived at the hospital with serious contractions going on they determined that my cervix was still not really opening. They did not want me to lay in bed (yet) they wanted me to walk around. They sent me into the hall ways were I just slid along the walls.

I think misery can completely describe the next 7 hours it took to get to 4 centimeters dilated. At or around this time my attending Dr. came in and popped the sack to release my water.

A young trainy of some sort came in and introduced himself. His job was to...prevent excess tearing for the future baby exit. He sat for what seemed like a long time massaging and ringing the area gently stretching and rubbing.

I was almost too miserable to catch the hilarity of the whole situation.

With my body progressing they were finally willing to medicate me.

My new problem was my anesthesiologist had an attitude. I could have too when they told me I needed to sit up, bend to expose my spine and keep absolutely still. Did they realize I was in labor which meant I was not in control?

I tried to comply but right as he walked in a contraction hit and I fell over to one side. He started to curse at the nurse who had been holding me. The contraction passed and we resumed our position. He did what he needed to do and was putting his tools together to leave the room.
Suddenly his mood was better and I was the best patient ever. Dr Jeckle Mr Hyde much???

On we went to pushing. This is probably where things went most wrong. Maybe they should have had me walking then or just down on all fours to try and help gravity.

Back prone is just such non sense. What did I know I was 20. I had to trust those who had come and gone before me. I still have a little...damage from all that excess stress on my sensitive tissues.

Never the less as she began to crown I asked to have a mirror in place. I would not have wanted anyone video taping it but I wanted to watch if possible. With my epidural working I could feel pressure and various things but it was 2-4 on the pain scale not 8-12 anymore.

Sadly the mirror got moved as her head emerged and people got in their places to finish the job we had been working at all day. It was after dinner and staff had changed hands actually.

Out came her head and that was announced. I pushed again and I heard "Hand". 

I knew a lot was going on that maybe I was not totally aware of but "head and shoulders knees and toes" don't shoulders and elbows come before hands??? 

What the heck???

As I mentioned the mirror was just out of sight so I had no idea what was going on.

Another push and her shoulders cleared. Another push or few and we had baby never mind my questions.

Tune in tomorrow for the clean up and 1st days...


  1. yes! anesthesiologists crack me up when they tell us to hold still while we are contracting and they are inserting a turkey baster into our spinal column! haha!

    1. I hope I can go natural in a water bath next time and avoid all the experts with their big heads and insane expectations...oh my lol

  2. O those guys with their needles! You will have to tune in when I write #3's birth story in a few day! drama drama!

    I love the way you tell your story :)

    1. Oh thank you! Yes lol the "professionals" sometimes are the worst part of it all! It is fun to read these stories and then too seeing how the babies grow and flourish. Bless you.