Saturday, March 2, 2013

It Aint All Roses

So we’ve had an EXCITING week and not totally in a good way. Winning a stop in the Top 25 Single Mom blog challenge by Circle of Moms is an honor I have to share with my friends and followers here in social media.

In off line life however the teen had food poisoning. She as not even home half the time she was dealing with it. She got a little ill… thought she was fine and recovered so she left.

It was a day later that her Facebook updates said “I feel like I am dying.”By then thankfully as these things go the worst of it was mostly over.

Poor Melody the mouse did not survive all the house hopping she has been doing. I did not know rodents are sensitive to sound.
I knew we would be okay yesterday when I could hear my daughter singing up stairs as she worked on cleaning her room and other girly teen things out of sight.

Then she was hollering down the stairs 
"Mom you should let me bleach a lock of your hair.”

I replied "Umm, yeah no. I am good and what are you up to anyway?"

“I am going for cherry red” she said.

Not even close. We have pumpkin orange spice stripes.
I think it still looks cute but she is not amused.


  1. LOL at the hair! Sorry, teen girl, but yes, this is one for the Christmas newsletter! ;-)

    Congrats on making the Top 25! I have not blogged much; been overwhelmed with work. So if I'm not blogging, I'm not visiting blogs, either. better late than never, though, right?

    1. Never a dull moment that is for sure. I am like you if I am not blogging I don't visit. Yes! Better late than never. Always happy to see you. Try to take it easy.