Friday, June 7, 2013

Neighbors and Kitties Oh My

                        If you did not know, I have a cat.

So I bought three skeins of yarn recently. One got away from me and wandered onto the floor across the living room. There it has lived and stayed for at least a month untouched.

The kitties run freely all over the house. There are two cats but one is mine and the other was the neighbors and is now being claimed by my daughter.

Might I mention that the neighbors moved out. Literally we live in condo’s and they were the next door over. We hardly spoke. They have not left town and might indeed still live close but there are no planned visits. We have had the cat months if not a year or two and they have not even asked to see it.

Right before moving they adopted a kitten. They have a dog too.

Anyway my daughter told me they said “If we move they want their cat back.”


That cat has fleas so bad she got down to about 20% of her fur (the hair balls to authenticate this have littered our home), with the fleas she finally got worms and because there are two cats in our home, my cat who had a minor flea problem also got worms.
When only she had them I tried to give her worm medicine $20 for a small bottle. For a four pound cat she is feisty and was not fond of this. Such that it was not done regularly, thrice daily as required. When I finally figured out that I needed and could give it in their drinking water they both needed it but the medicine ran out.

I bought a knock off Advantage type product. It worked 80% well. A friend of my daughters is a vet tech or something so she sent us the real Advantage. Finally we are flea free and the poor mini fluff ball is returning to full poof.

She has shredded my kitchen chairs. It is less of an issue because I have no kitchen table and no room to put them or it in should I have one. Still now the leather or faux leather is pox marked looking.

We took her in because they left her outside and she was thinning plus suffering the abuses of an outdoor only cat.

They want her back if we leave this condo???

What bills will they be paying for the use of us as a kitty shelter and kennel? LOL

Truly I would do all of this for free to the point that I could afford.

I thought it was my daughter being silly when she said “When I move out I am taking my cat.” 

At the time with the family still living next door I thought they might object to their cat leaving the complex. The idea that they would leave never crossed my mind. She has been getting out occasionally now that the weather is both warm and dry. I know the neighbors are happy to know she is alive and well in our care. Such that if they happened to see her outside they would enjoy her.

The idea that they would leave and expect us to stay or return the cat, now that is funny.

Anyway I was talking about my cat. She is used to my yarn, supplies and life being strewn about the house etc.

Suddenly out of nowhere a day or two ago she started attacking the stray skein of new yarn on the ground. She was shaking it and carried it a few inches. She bit into it and pulled puckers of strands away from the form.

I sat on the couch trying not to have to get up and save it but watching her fascinated that she suddenly cared.

Pets & people, I tell ya!


  1. They don't deserve to get the cat back! And what beautiful eyes!

    1. I think they are happy to be starting anew. Thanks!

  2. Good tie-in at the end; I almost didn't get what yarn had to do with the story. lol Ya know, occasionally one does hear news stories where a neglected pet is taken in by another family, and once they have nursed and medicated it back to health, the original owners decide they want it back. :-p I would think the law would be on your side as they essentially abandoned the cat when they moved away and didn't take it with them but took their other pets. So that can't even claim they couldn't afford it then but can now.

    1. My life is like that a little disjointed looking at first read. LOL

      Now my daughter says when she moves out she intends to give the cat back to the original owners. I think that plan is nuts... What do I know.

      Just random snapshots of all the fun we are having around here. Thanks for reading!