Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mouse Sitting Adventures

I am not sure how this happened but suddenly I am mouse sitting.

Melody the white mouse was replaced with Needles the little gray (feeder) mouse. 

Our household is again replete with critters. I am not scared or disgusted but I am a cat person…

My daughter is in Colorado for ten days at a ranch with her classmates. She attends Options for Youth which is a charter school with a minimal attendance requirement.  A hybrid between her unschooling homeschool past and traditional all day school.

Here is the blogspot for the ranch and one of the photos they snapped.

The trip did not cost us a thing besides a few new pair of jeans which was its own adventure…

I asked as trip planning and packing began. "What about your pet mouse?"

My daughter said she would see who among her friends that were not going might be interested and available to watch the little creature.

I was not worried. Time and days passed.

As my daughter was leaving on the trip and I asked what had become of her plans to find a sitter she mentioned a friend she had recently visited. 

Most of the time when she knows she is going somewhere over night my daughter will take her caged pet. When she last saw this friend the mouse was in tow and the friend loved Needles.

Said friend however has a house full of cats.

When my daughter mentioned the friend she said “she is going to try and find a way to get to our house and pick up the mouse”.

I should have known I was in trouble. A few days passed. I feed and water the little rodent but it was cage cleaning day. Ugh

There are worse things to be sure but this was so not my idea of fun. 

I thought I would be a gem and take the mouse to the friend.

I drove to her house. I forget other children go to school everyday. Her mother works from home and it was the middle of the day. Her mother looked strangely at me when I told her why I was there. 

“I have heard nothing of this idea the girls have hatched” was her line.

Now what was I supposed to do???

We talked and laughed. The friends mom said she would have her daughter call me. I told her not to worry about it.


  1. Yup. Typical. Enjoy your mouse sitting! :-)

    1. Yes, lol this is why my mother never let us have a dog. She is anti pets. My daughter comes home tomorrow. Thankfully! hahahaha