Sunday, October 16, 2011


My daughter wanted to have a friend spend the night for her birthday. Things could not be worked out for that to happen.

This weekend the plan was for my daughter to go sleep over at the girls house instead. 

This is a friend from her step family life. Okay so yes this IS outside my comfort zone.

Then there was drama about the pick-up and drop off. Could my daughter just hitch a ride on the bus at least half way was some kind of last minute plan…. (We were car less)

Finally my daughter leaves and plans to be gone two days. Hours later I get a rather frantic call.

Mom…we decided to change our plans. 

We were going to spend the night with one of my step sisters. That went sour so we were headed to the sleep over friend’s house again.

The grown ups her almost 18 year old friend live with... had already made new/other weekend plans and could no longer host us… 

Frantically my daughter called her father who could not host them either. She was calling to ask if she and the friend could come back to my house. I agreed. 

When she arrived she was so mad she couldn’t really explain to me what had gone on. 

With some strange new young woman in my house from said other house hold I did not want to get into too much of a discussion. I was just glad the young women were in my home safe.

When my daughter finally calmed down more she explained a bit of the story. It is a crazy tale… The more I think about this the worse it sounds.

I wouldn’t be blogging about it EXCEPT where did my daughter spend the next night? There!!! 

I want to send her to boarding school. J/K Gramma would take her to Georgia.(Not kidding!) 

Young women are just too naive and forgiving at times. In her mind since I had given permission for her to spend the weekend with the other family one night is as good as two. 

She is in trouble with me starting at changing her plans on where she was staying without so much as  text or a phone message. 

Then there is the whole issue of heading off to the home of people who less than 24 hours before did not care if a 15 year old had a place to sleep for the night.

Maybe they thought since she was with her step sisters she was with parents or care takers. 

I know this sounds crazy to the authoritarian parents who think more like the parents I had growing up. I know it is a little crazy no matter who is reading. 

My vision is for the future.

Having learned her lessons at home, she can go off to college and work full time not thinking she is missing the youth social scene.

These are the days times and situation when my daughters behavior just confounds me!!! lol sigh 

I never spent the night at friends’ houses as a child. My mother thought…maybe I would end up like Cybil or that girl from the Exorcist I guess. 

If she had not known the parents for YEARS there was just NO WAY. 
My mother was too strict.

Sometimes I lean the total opposite way. Sometimes my daughter just goes off in left field. Eke!

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