Monday, October 31, 2011

Our 31st Quiet Night

My mother liked to say I was part of the counter culture going left in a right leaning world just to be odd. I would cock my head and stare at her. I am always going my own way usually forward into bold new territory. I do not just go along to get along. At the same time I do not want to do things just for the sake of not being normal. 

It has been my choice to opt out of Halloween. If my daughter were younger I am thinking we would have planned something fun to do at home. The weekend and month have been a little stressful it would have been nice to host some friends for fun. I have started giving her money to buy things for herself so the most important thing was a costume. She wanted to be a Pirate Chick but found a French maid meets Strawberry short cake outfit instead. Then we had to buy crazy shoes to match the vision she had for it all. The good news is they fit me should I need costume high white platform heels. You just never know about these things. Hahahahaha

I do not support the idea of this holiday. Still I am all about fellowship fun and community. My mother, who called this evening to fuss at me about how I am mothering, never wanted to do anything while the nation was celebrating. We did not want to totally miss out. 

Fall is a great time to serve cider or our home made special cocoa. Even the iced favored coffee I made for the dinner when the boyfriend was over would have been good. The bestie was here last night and today just like back then. Last night they dragged me back across the street to GoodWill to pull together an outfit for her. 

I forgot to snap photos. Hope they do not come home all wrecked. Daughters step sister was hosting a party and then door to door they planned to go. I might have to hide the stash but I decided to let her have this experience. It is a first. I never took her or made a big deal about getting dressed up. We had our fill, if there is any such thing in girl house world, of dress up and make up through the days. 

The good news is her schooling is back on track. Between that and the note I thought a special occasion with an outfit already bought warranted letting restriction up for a night and a half. We have all of next year to basically spend together. I asked her if she was cooking the Thanksgiving Turkey and did not get a straight answer.
I want to…yes wait for it I will say it…make some fruit cakes!

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