Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Lasagna Thanksgiving Feast

Is there anything worse than holiday family drama? Only if it is non blood family holiday drama. My poor young lass.

Our Thanksgiving feast is translated! Maybe I need another word for that but I can’t think of one. 

So the deal is this, with all her culinary skills and ambition I asked my daughter if she wanted to do the honor and cook the Thanksgiving turkey. She signed on for the job.

Last Thursday as we headed to see Contagion at the theater in Sunrise mall we discussed the menu and guests. She was talking a host of sides. Some I have never made or even heard of before.

Mashed Potatoes



Hot Salad (Never heard of, don't eat spicy things...)

Lumpias (Yikes time consuming. I have never even tried)

Macaroni Salad 

Bread Rolls

Sweet Potatoes

Pecan Pie bought not homemade

We do not have a roasting pan much less pots and containers enough to prepare all this food. PLUS she wanted to cook it all on Thanksgiving. 

I began to throw up red flags about her 'fly by the seat of her pants' plans and she began to get annoyed. We still needed to shop. We switched to the invite list. 

Turns out she wanted to invite her two step sisters. Both sisters have boyfriends who they live with and baby girls. No my house is not toddler or baby proof. 

Still I threw out the crazy idea that seeing as none of our three families have cars they could all come over tonight and sleep here to avoid public transit tomorrow.

Step sister #2's relationship is volatile. I already told step sister #1 and company, "Abusive boyfriend is invited to my house any time for a good old fashioned exorcism lol (intervention) with some modern twists like water boarding." Mamma don’t play enraged drug addicts attacking family.

Still with my iron will, a room with a door and a walk in closet I figured I could brave the 6 of them if they all decided to attend.

If you can imagine…things are too hot all over for either side to make it. My daughter came home from being with her father all upset.

“I tried to call step sister #1 and she wouldn’t answer her phone.” she told me. 

“So I called her again and again.”

Yeah that is her type all indignant because she is being “ignored”.

Both sisters eventually declined our invitation for holiday dinner and it hurt her feelings. She quit the turkey roasting gig and wanted to just forget the whole thing.

To put a positive spin on the day I asked her if she would settle for what she has been craving Lasagna.

I offered for us to make it from scratch but she declined.
The donut shop across the street says it will be open 4am-2pm tomorrow. If we get up early and feel interested we can head over there.

I made two batches of pudding and bought a 3rd. I have one more to try and then there should be a post on my results on this blog or the main one. I bought a New York Cheese cake too, so desserts are covered. 

The only thing we are low on is juice. When that runs out we will make tea. My kitchen is full I do not want to have to grocery shop for anything besides bottled water until the second weekend in December. We will see how that goes.

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