Monday, August 6, 2012

Error Mode Mom

Some days I wonder: How did I get here?

When things go wrong I try to look at the structures and rules we have in place.
In this moment they might seem a little lax.
We have lived a relaxed life.

I grew up with an unwritten code of conduct.

The thought of writing one up seems awkward... 

There has to be another way. 

It does not help that I have been a little distracted.
We are both going in our individual directions.

Words have been said.  Things have been left unsaid or at least it feels that way.

Things will be going along ok or even very well.
Then we hit a snag.

I try to live free of old hurts. If something is bothering me I like to get it off my chest. I do not hold grudges.

These are good tools for life. I wish I could make sure everyone had them.

Not everyone is so confrontational or forgiving. Some people just do not know how to communicate. Am I raising one of them? If so how did that happen.

I try to appreciate the basic differences between us and filter for whatever are doing or have tried. Some things just are. Others are actually result based.

It can be difficult to see where these lines are and how they criss cross.

The teen moved downstairs for a change of pace.
She said it would help her keep order in her room better.
I have not seen that.

We did have the multiple house guests over the past months and seasons. I know this put an emotional strain on everything. So, not much has been said.


  1. What I have learned about life with teens is that the promises they make in order to get their way are promises that are quickly broken.

    1. A few days later from all these conversations and I am wondering if I have modeled badly. My only question then is how can my daughter and I be in the same fight as my mom and I were at this age when my mom and I are so polar opposites.

      One of the things I did tell my daughter in a note: It is not supposed to be easier.