Saturday, September 3, 2011

Our Adventures @ 3 a.m.

At 3:30 a.m. this morning my daughter is accosting me. “Where is my camping chair?” Our home is not that big so this is kind of a silly question. The odd hour of it all is not disturbing. I wanted to laugh but the mood was quickly serious because the house is a mess and I have been waiting on her to clean up portions of it...

I start to fuss at her about the lack of respect it shows me when I ask for things to get done and have to keep waiting but her life goes on as usual. She is listening to me but suddenly some neighbors are arguing louder than us. We pause to ease drop. We reiterate that it is 3am and I start laughing.

She makes me laugh this kid. She is bigger than me in almost every way. I think her core is still a tad bit smaller but curves and height wise she is a few inches ahead. She will be 15 in less than three weeks. This kid is almost grown.

It has taken me this long to figure out how we can work together to keep up with house work. I grew up with a minimalistic neat freak and I could not be more opposite. My daughter says she leans more in that direction. She definitely wants to throw out my stuff that is for sure. I tell her it’s mine and I am attached to it.We are hilarious like the Odd Couple.

I collect papers and trinkets. 

She leaves her wrappers and dishes all over the house. 

Never mind all the hair thingies and mini bottles of whatever in our shower. Food trash I can throw out no problem. I wash the dishes. When it comes to the rest of the house, I need a personal assistant for my papers, phone calls and appointments. My daughter has me as Mom the maid.

I think as a team this could work. I had her separate my papers from the news paper collecting all around. I let her throw out the sales ads from the paper and now I need to organize, the papers I want to keep. They include things from school, bills and other information.

Fast forward to the end of the day: I had a nap on the couch and work up around 3am. She never slept and was up until a bit ago when she fell asleep on the stairs. She went up stairs to bed and now she is back asleep on the stairs. Yes we are little odd ducks.

We were supposed to get up and go downtown to the Chalk It Up event we look forward to every year. I barely felt like it anyway. Maybe we will tomorrow or Monday when the designs will be closer to finished. 

The camping chair was in the down stairs closet under the stairs. That information was divulged after the bathroom was scrubbed and papers were separated. As a bonus she cleaned her room (the one thing I will not do) and even cleaned out the refrigerator.

I know she has this stuff in her. I just need to regulate how it comes out.

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