Monday, June 18, 2012

Photo Fun!!!

We had a busy day. I wanted to just share some photos with you all.

Mostly this is random art by my teen. Some is of her. Other things

are just things we see or saw about town...


 I WANT...hahahahah

Can I get an amen?

 "Ah...I forgot? No wait I've slept since then."

Halloween costume from the back. French Maid meets Strawberry Short cake.

 "Look Ma! I made a shirt."
"Ru Ru like a dungeon dragon..."

 "It was a shirt. I made a fun fetti bag of it."

Art or something like it.
 I was making a hat. Then her. Then we.

 A lampshade as a hat...knitted project... FAIL

She knit some water bottle cozzies.

 Her first knitted hat...

A snack.

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