Tuesday, June 19, 2012

You Did What?

When was the last time you had to ask that question in total exasperation?

Did the school call and tell you your kid was suspended?

Did the other parent pull you aside and explain some incident they had to deal with?
Is there damage a huge mess or injury somewhere in the house cause by your child?

Are they hurt?

Was something inappropriate posted to social media?

My story today is of perhaps the first time for the latter.

It was middle school for her. 

I was just beginning to fully experience all the issues surrounding her differentiating.

No I do not want to be seen with you

No I do not want to go running errands or grocery shopping

Do not hug or touch me

Mom you are not cool all of that...

Oh and by the way your phone, the home phone they are all mine, get it? Mine!

It is here that Mom rolls her eyes...

One night her best friend wants to have a sleep over a our house. They are maybe 12. They are good girls. Not totally na├»ve but still very innocent. The first boyfriend was no where on the scene. 

We had begun to buy sports bras but still they looked like girls not women.

Things were so low key I went to bed. 

I left the girls up entertaining themselves in the living room where they were going to sleep.

I even let them keep my laptop.

To this day I have made all of about a half of a video with it. It has a built in camera that I had not worked at that time. Neither had she that I knew of.

We had of course heard of YouTube but she did not even have a Facebook account.

I awoke the next morning. The house was still in tact.

The girls awoke. 

Among other things they mentioned, both calling me mom,

"Hey we made a video and put it on YouTube last night. It is just of us dancing around singing and being silly in our night clothes."

My heart lept into my throat. 

You did what???

Did you think about that? 
Have you any idea what this girls family might think about that? 

Do you understand that your first employer is going to Google you?

Did it occur to you that you in your at home clothes prancing around might attract the wrong type of attention???
Head Desk

Head Shake

They stared wide eyed at me.

Yes I was shocked but I do realize this was my fault. I might link you but mercifully the girls forgot the name of that channel they were using.
Anybody got a cave I can send my kid to?


  1. Replies
    1. hahahahaha Chin up my friend. It will be ok. We have survived. You will too.

  2. Too funny and too real. You're only human and they can outlast you any day. Say your prays. Laughing.

    1. This is why I share the good, the bad and the CRAZY!!! lol

      We all have our parts to play. These days are coming to a close. It is hard to imagine.